Do Authentic Video Clips always attract more Instagram automatic Views?

News 10:07 July 2020:

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We live amidst a copy and paste generation, where very few people want to post original content on their social media networks. People just lift anyone’s update so that they can attract more likes or followers. Fortunately you can’t just “steal anyone’s video clip on Instagram and get away with it. The Instagram admin is today more vigilant in ensuring people follow copyright laws when it comes to sharing of other people’s content, and as of now plagiarism has reduced on Instagram.

If you can come up with a highly motivating video clip therefore, an inspiration or a funny video clip, post on your instagram account and you could see your Instagram automatic views rise up higher. Being authentic also attracts more loyalty among your Instagram followers. After all, most will people favor original content over plagiarized content anytime. However, if you spot a great video clip which you think could be relevant to your followers, share it instead of copy and paste.


Why you should not engage automatic likes in your business social account

When a brand goes digital in its business regarding marketing using the available social sites namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it enters a not so secure platform of completion. The world has embraced the use of technology in most of its areas, and there is need to have one’s brand on that most used social site. The compelling case, however, is that it does not stop with setting an account. With the many, if not all companies are going online there is the need for one’s account to stand out of the masses and be appealing to the users. One of the ways of making an account to stand out is engaging the services like automatic likes. These refer to a post, link or post attracting automated likes to give the brand a strong and attractive impression. Though a good thing, there are adverse impacts associated with their usage on the social sites.

  1. Fake and unrealistic idea.

With a business history being poor, an overnight success story won’t cut in public. When a company starts some people know the true story behind a business if its struggling these very people are in a better position to know about it. When such a  service is engaged, the automated likes that will be generated done when any post has been made or link shared will raise an eyebrow. Where did the all of sudden success and customers come from? It will be known automatically that there are all fake likes and attention that has been generated. This will give a false impression of insincerity and in honest outlook portrayed.  Without much saying no one will want to engage a ” fake ” company in their operation. The brand’s reputation will be ruined!

  1. Are these like possible sales?

With the many untrue likes portrayed in the social pages, how many of them generate to real sales and purchases? How many likes have been converted to sales to boost the company’s profits and targets? The answers to the above question are either r none or possible very few. However colorful a brand looks online and in real sense very few sales and targets are coming in will not only be discouraging to a company but will demoralize the overall running in the firms’ departments and the company as a whole.

  1. Social account closure

There are strict policies about engaging such services in most social pages like Facebook. Once an account has been put under a spotlight of using the automated likes in its running the account will risk closure or suspension. The results of closing one’s account will be disastrous, and the customers will be lost because known the account cannot be found. This will result in the loss of revenue and sales to the firm. With such losses being experienced, the company’s target will remain a pipe dream, and losses realized instead.

The automatic likes seem like a good thing to engage in when running a social account, but in simple terms, it’s running a business in dishonest terms. With the ” fake” likes achieved and shown all over the page, the reputation of the firm is out in question. A bad image is portrayed to the public, and no one wants to associate themselves with such services and brands.