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Dianna did a shoot with Jessica Forde, a photographer which also worked at the The Family set, a while ago and some pictures finally got released! Be sure to check them out by clicking this gorgeous picture below.

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Dianna recently did a shoot for Byrdie Beauty and honestly, it’s my new favorite shoot of hers! Be sure to check the pictures out and read through their article to find out more about Dianna’s makeup!

If you want to shake things up as an actress, there’s really no better plan than going from bubbly, kind of bitchy cheerleader on Glee to daughter of a mobster in a Robert De Niro movie (The Family, out today). So if Dianna Agron’s up for change, we thought, we’re going to give it to her. In today’s editorial the actress goes a little goth, sporting the deepest darkest shades of Bordeaux on her nails, lips, cheeks, and eyes. “I would only wear dark lipstick like this on a very special occasion,” Agron says. “And be prepared to not be kissed all night!”


Article by: Byrdie Beauty

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I’ve added a few photoshoot pictures from Di’s latest shoots, the Glamour USA and the Nylon For Guys shoot. I can exclusively tell you, that another shoot will be released very soon. Meanwhile, be sure to check the ones we have already out!

EDIT: I’ve added two more pictures of Dianna’s Glamour shoot.

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Dianna tweeted a few hours ago that she had a shoot for the Magazine Nylon today. She already had a shoot for this magazine back in 2011. We’re very excited for the new shoot!

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I have added one gorgeous large quality Headshot of Dianna made a few years ago. It has already been in our gallery, but a larger version was just released, so I added it. You can check it out by clicking the picture below!

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I’ve added one large Photobooth picture of Dianna from last night’s YM&C concert. She looks gorgeous!

EDIT: You can check out all of them here.

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