Call People to Action

News 06:12 December 2019:

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Human beings are actually very funny creatures; most of the time they have to be pushed to do something. Letting them just be will mostly result in you not getting the results that you want. You have commonly heard of the saying, ‘if you want to get something done, do it yourself’? Well, it is simply because that a very huge percentage of the world’s population will not do something that does not directly impact on their wellbeing unless they are forced to do it.

That being said, for you to get those free likes, you have to call your audience to action. Let them know that they need to take the step to like your page. Include this call to action in every possible media that you can. Have it in the P.S. section of your newsletters, include it in your email, include it in your cover photo, and include it in each and every message that is sent out to your audience. Let them know that you have that social media page that is waiting for them to enjoy great content from and in return they will give you the free likes.