A Simple Way To Initiate An Automatic Retweet.

News 10:06 June 2020:

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The use of automatic retweets is the best way to give a chance to your followers to see a tweet in an original form that they could not have had an opportunity to see since they are not following that twitter handle. There is a lot of information that you get on the Twitter platform without necessarily having to follow all those accounts, thanks to the option of the automatic retweets. Follow these simple steps to retweet your followers too.

After identifying a tweet that you intend your followers to view in its original status, proceed to click on the retweet button that is located under that tweet. Such tweets are original since you have no chance to add a caption, comment or edit it in any way. You post the tweet the way it is to your timeline. On clicking the retweet button, the tweet will pop up to give you a chance to confirm the retweet. Once you confirm, it will be posted with the original account appearing in bold and you as the retweeting account slightly above it.